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Erotic fantasy, and just to be clear I'm talking about the book genre not this morning in the shower, is a genre open to many possibilities. Fantasy demands the reader suspend disbelief and grants the writer artistic licence to tread past the boundary lines of ordinary restrictions. In erotic fantasy safe words are rarely given and a tone of anything can happen is set.

With fantasy you can be lady in waiting only to encounter a beautiful stranger washed up on shore, who just happens to want to ravish you. Or you can end up taken by pleasure elves with self lubricating cocks like in Jet Mykles Dark Elves series. #ilovebook1&2

You could also get wrapped into a tale like Denise Rossetti's Gift of the Goddess that is set in a medievalist time period where everyone wears trews and carries swords. This story has a warrior, a shaman, a scout, dragon tattoos that move, a love goddess, and giant troll like creatures. The plot revolves around wicked m/f/m and even a little m/m/f sex but the story has enough adventurous action to make it worth reading again.

There is a lot of hubbub over the difference between paranormal and fantasy. Really? Really!

A paranormal has elements that can not be explained by science including not limited to psychic ability, magic, creatures such as vampires and shapeshifters, ghosts and time travel. Some of that can even be considered sci-fi.

A fantasy book has a mythical magic or supernatural setting, characters or plot and is often times set in a medevialish time period ie; Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings...Yep, there is some difference but not much.

Some books have magical circumstances, some books have magical creatures, and some books just have magic. I personally don't really care whether it's labeled paranormal or fantasy as long as it's good. In this weeks feature we get all the fantasy elements with an added gothic feel.

I love a romance that is deemed, "Not for the faint of heart". Katrina Strauss's Secrets Revealed (Eldritch Legacy 1) is just that. Ms.Strauss sweeps past the boundary lines in Secrets Revealed, with a wickedly delicious out come. 

Secrets Revealed is a fantasy, in a medieval type setting, where kings rule the realm and if you get caught practicing magic you will be imprisoned and killed. Not for being a 'witch,' (that moniker isn't used once) but because the king himself is Magi and doesn't want anyone to become more powerful than he.

In Secrets Revealed young beautiful Inga is sick of all the death and needless illness in her village. Healers who could use nothing more then their knowledge of herbs will not help those suffering for fear of being taken by the evil Lord Eldritch.

Inga bravely uses her healing gifts for those in need and it's not long before those in power take notice. Although fearful of Eldritch coming to punish her, Inga also finds herself drawn to him in strange nightmares that leave her filled with carnal longing.

Lord Eldritch captures Inga but it's Inga who captivates him. Instead of having Inga killed she is locked in a separate dungeon room where things get really interesting. At first fearful Inga quickly becomes a thing of want, eagerly awaiting her next round of torment from her dark lord and master.

This twisted unconventional love story had me entranced. I wasn't sure what to expect next. There were plenty of scenes that had me thinking, Whoa....That's hot!, leaving me just as eager as Inga to see what Lord Eldritch had in store for her next.

Secrets Revealed takes some twisted turns that really kept me enthralled. I loved this book and I eagerly anticipate reading the next book in this series Lessons Learned, a book with a more paranormal bend. This was the first Katrina Strauss I've read but it will certainly not be my last.

This story is 190 pages and Katrina Strauss, you had me at your warning label.

Warning: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language,and some situations some readers might find objectionable including, BDSM themes and elements including tethering,spanking, voyeurism, dubious consent, anal play/intercourse,homoerotic f/f, menage, m/f/f, m/f/m and m/m in a memory sequence.

Thank You Katrina Strauss!

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