Friday, July 22, 2016

#MySexySaturday #Scifi #Dark #Romance ~My Sexy Crush

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday! This week is My Sexy Crush, and I'm sharing from my new book, Taking Their Human, part of the dark scifi romance box-set, Human Surrender.

Upon waking in a dimly lit white room, my biggest fear was that I had been kidnapped by a serial killer. I learned there are things out here in the universe much worse than anything on Earth. And, even if you escape, you can never go home.

They’re not kind, these beings who stole me and want to use me as chattel. The others...part man, part machines--they have claimed me for their own, but I’m far from saved.


A prickling at the back of my neck has me jerking up. It’s only now I notice the absent hum of electricity. I’d been too lost in thought. I’m not alone. The two from the other day are standing where the shimmer wall should be, like tigers eyeing their prey. Despite their heavy black boots, I didn’t hear them come in.

They’re staring at where I’ve been leisurely stroking my bare flesh. I snatch my hand back, and scramble to a sitting position with my back to the wall. I defensively wrap my arms around myself, trying to hide as much skin as possible.

Standing side by side like identical mercenaries, their towering forms fill the opening. They could be clones; they are so alike.

My heart beats triple time. My gaze skitters around my tiny room as if a hiding place will appear, but of course there’s none. The tiniest bit of me that was harboring fantasies of these men rescuing me is squashed into pieces. These men are not on my side. They are the kind of men who would kill without remorse. They’re beings of raw masculinity, their thick dark hair falling over their foreheads, their jaw lines square cut. Twin sets of cold crystal-blue eyes watch me. They carry a rough honed intensity and are much more terrifyingly severe than what I can recall from my drugged memories. 
They aren’t just tall, but wide shouldered and powerfully built. They’re behemoths.

Trying to calm my breathing, I take them in. Their clothes are made out of material I’ve never seen before, all in black. Their t-shirts look almost normal, but their tight fitting cargo pants seem almost like wet suit material and are lined with body armor- like padding along the front. “I am Cal, and this is my brother Kein,” the one on the left says in English, his voice dark and dangerous.

Twins. So not clones.

As perfectly identical as they are, I instinctively know the one on the right, Kein is the one who called me their mercy. And, lord help me, I had wanted to be just that. I hate myself for finding them the least bit intriguing. They took me when I was out of my mind and had no control. But I was riding some strange tide of lust, and the way he looked at me was so raw. So full of need.


 Fierce alien warriors don’t ask. They take, they claim, and they conquer—even when the object of their desires is a trembling human female.

Human Surrender contains five *all-new* dark sci-fi alien romance novellas, brought to you by USA Today and international bestselling authors of BDSM and spanking romance.

Featured authors:

Renee Rose
Alta Hensley
Sue Lyndon
Aubrey Cara
Kallista Dane

Publisher’s Note: The books included in this naughty collection are MF and MFM pairings. Though the stories are dark, all have happy endings. **Over 175,000 words of dark romance ~ complete stories with no cliffhangers**

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