Friday, July 15, 2016

#MySexySaturday My Sexy Showdown-Taking Their Human

My Sexy Showdown is happening this week on My Sexy Saturday.

I'm excited to be sharing from a new novella I have out in the dark scifi boxset, Human Surrender which also features four other amazing stories, by four other talented authors. In my story Taking Their Human, Allyson has plenty of sexy showdowns with her two men, twin brothers Cal and Kein. It was hard to pick just one.

This is a particularly angsty scene where Allyson is about to discover there is no escaping her fate with the men. Not even death. 
Taking Their Human by Aubrey Cara
Upon waking in a dimly lit white room, my biggest fear was that I had been kidnapped by a serial killer. I learned there are things out here in the universe much worse than anything on Earth. And, even if you escape, you can never go home.

They’re not kind, these being who stole me and want to use me as chattel. The others—part man, part machine— have claimed me for their own, but I’m far from saved.



With a hard shove, all the air is knocked out of me. Cal has me pressed to the cold wall before I can blink. His fist in my hair. The other at my throat. I’m pinned, feet dangling off the ground, clutching at his wrist.

“Death is not your fate, female.” His words are more threat than reassurance, his voice a low, menacing rumble.

My skin prickles with heat even as icy cold fingers of fear trace down my spine. I scrunch my eyes closed.

“We will protect you,” he adds. Even from myself, it seems. “And we will mate you.”

My breath catches as his mouth covers mine. His kiss is an invasion. A demand. I fight, but he’s a huge man. His supremacy over me is immense. He’s not asking for control; he is taking it.

His large hand moves from my throat to grab my ass, pulling me up to rock against him. His hard length scrapes my exposed folds, the coarse material of his pants chafing. I push against him in protest even as I groan in his mouth, nearly coming from the painful friction. My frayed emotions are turning tide against me.

“You will obey us in everything,” he growls against my mouth. His grinding rhythm making it hard for me to focus. “You belong to us now.” His grip in my hair makes my eyes sting as he pulls my head back. “Is that understood?”


Fierce alien warriors don't ask.
They take, they claim, and they conquer - even when the object of their desires is a trembling human female.

Human Surrender contains five *all-new* dark sci-fi alien romance novellas, brought to you by USA Today and international bestselling authors of BDSM and spanking romance. Featured novellas:
Taking Their Human by Aubrey Cara
Pallid Slave by Alta Hensley
His Human Slave by Renee Rose
Their Captive Mate by Kallista Dane
Kenan’s Mate by Sue Lyndon

Publisher’s Note: The books included in this naughty collection are MF and MFM pairings. Though the stories are dark, all have happy endings. **Over 175,000 words of dark romance ~ complete stories with no cliffhangers**

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