Friday, March 27, 2015

#SatSpanks-Silky Button Up Blouses

Welcome to Saturday Spankings!! My new erotic spanking romance, Mimi Mine is out. I'm sharing a little something from that, today. Mason has been carrying a torch for Mimi for a pretty long time, but one thing or another has prevented him from getting the girl. Luckily he's done holding back, and now he's not letting anything stand in his way.


“Hiring you was the smartest or most foolish thing I've ever done. Every day you came into work wearing your prim little business clothes. These tight long skirts that hide as much as they show off, and these silky button up blouses.” He reached over and flicked the top button of the shirt she was wearing, and she batted his hand away. He just took her hand and kissed her fingers.

She felt the brush of his lips tingle all the way up her arm, and rather than pull away she let him go on holding her, it felt too good, too right to pull away.
          “There have been hours, upon days, upon weeks I've fantasized about unbuttoning your silky blouses, angel. You were close enough to touch but I had to keep my hands to myself.”

Mason Coleman hasn’t been living. He’s been existing day to day. Ever since an accident took his family, he’s thrown himself into proving he deserved to survive. Now, ten years later, he’s built a multi-million dollar business, but has nothing to show for his personal life.

He’s ready to feel alive again, and he knows just the woman to help him. Too bad she’s his employee. She also carries secrets that are about to shake everything he thought he knew about women.

Being a single mother has not afforded Mimi Westfall many dating opportunities. In fact, she’s pretty sure Mr. Right took a wrong turn somewhere, and she’s destined to live a life devoted to her showerhead.

When her fantasies about her delectable boss commanding her and putting her over his desk to spank her naughty bottom start happening for real, she’s not sure if she should thank her lucky stars or run for the hills.  

*Author's Note: Mimi Mine is an erotic romance novel that includes explicit sex, spanking, BDSM elements, anal play, and anal sex. If such material offends you, this book may not be for you.






  1. I love office romance stories and it sounds like Mason and Mimi are a good fit. Great excerpt, Aubrey.

  2. mmm, he is just so sexy!!! Loved this book!