Monday, November 10, 2014

Thank You For Being Awesome

My first book came out this weekend rocketing me out to cloud nine. Anyone who has published a book for the first time knows the riotous emotions that happen. If you haven't ever published a book, well, for me it was a lot like my labor and delivery experience. And yes, I am comparing publishing a book to the birth of my child. Both were intensely emotional experiences. People tried to warn me, but I scoffed. I really didn't think I'd freak out. I think I was doing Lamaze breathing at one point.

It's all kind of a blur.

I was a hot mess on Friday, but it was worth it to get my book out into the world. Thankfully I haven't experienced any postpartum. I've just been feeling really grateful.

Thank you to everyone who bought my book, are going to buy my book, or just offered me support and encouragement along the way. I'm so lucky to belong to such a positive wonderful community. I'm just a small fries author gal, but I feel like a million bucks. Or at least something in the upper six figures range. I wish I could bottle this feeling. I'm not usually a sentimental person but if I could hug the world I would.

I hope anyone who is reading my book right now is enjoying it. If not, I beg you to keep it on the down low until tomorrow at the very least. I'm  having a positivity parade today. Let the band circle around town a time or two.

Thank you everyone for being awesome!!


With the delivery of one Dear John letter and a set of divorce papers, Delia Myers is on a her way to self discovery. First stop: Embracing she's a terrible judge of character. Especially when it comes to men.

Jake Forrester is a small town cop, who is beyond charming, and hunky enough to have every female in a hundred mile radius panting after him. Basically everything she is trying to avoid. Too bad he's been determined to chase after her from the second he's laid eyes on her oversized floral granny panties.

She may run, but can she hide from love?

Warning; Contains one no-good, cheating ex-husband, a heroine with a propensity to make a run for it, and a hero that has a new found love for spanking a certain sassy woman who runs from him.

 Chasing Delia is a contemporary romance with spanking--because those are the best kind.


  1. This just made me smile :)
    Publishing a book is a big deal! You're kind of a big thing now... just saying.

    1. LOL, It seems like something I should say at bbqs when ppl ask what I do. "I published a book. I'm kind of a big thing. No pun intended." I seem to say that last line often.

  2. I just finished reading "Chasing Delia" and thoroughly enjoyed it. I posted a review on Amazon for you. I look forward to your second book.

  3. I read Chasing Delia in less than a day and I really enjoyed it! I absolutely loved the characters. I can't wait to read Kat's story!

    1. Thank you!! I love hearing that!! (or reading it ;) Taming Kat will be out in January!