Friday, November 7, 2014

Chasing Delia Is Out!!

I'm so freakin' excited!! My book Chasing Delia is available for purchase.  

"I won't ever be able to see big floral panties without getting an erection ever again."
-Jake from Chasing Delia

Chasing Delia

With the delivery of one Dear John letter and a set of divorce papers, Delia Myers is on a her way to self discovery. First stop: Embracing she's a terrible judge of character. Especially when it comes to men. 

Jake Forrester is a small town cop, who is beyond charming, and hunky enough to have every female in a hundred mile radius panting after him. Basically everything she is trying to avoid. Too bad he's been determined to chase after her from the second he's laid eyes on her oversized floral granny panties. 

She may run, but can she hide from love? 

Warning; Contains one no-good, cheating ex-husband, a heroine with a propensity to make a run for it, and a hero that has a new found love for spanking a certain sassy woman who runs from him.

   Chasing Delia is a contemporary romance with spanking--because those are the best kind. 

That is all. Just wanted to share. 

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