Sunday, July 27, 2014

Edit My Edits

Now that I'm done writing my story....

It has begun

I'm done with the first round of revisions and editing. I'm starting the second round today. I began the process last week, and started strong. By the time I reached the final chapters I was scrubbing toilets to avoid doing any more editing. I don't mind revisions, but editing... Editing is painful. While I cleaned my toilets I thought of other things I would rather do than edit. Vacationing at Guantanamo Bay and visiting the dentist were on the list.

Yeah, sometime between editing and scrubbing the john, I turned into Scarlette O'Hara. Editing makes me feel a tad dramatic.

And I will never edit again!

If you've ever read my blog, you've probably recognized editing is not my strong suit. In fact, if editing were an actual suit, mine would be from the clearance rack of JCPenny's. Cute, if not the highest quality. My clearance rack suit will get the job done, but no one will be surprised if it's missing a button.

I think it's safe to say editors were put on this earth for people like me. People that kind of suck at things like; adhering to grammar laws. And for people that don't know if they are supposed to use the semicolon or colon. No matter how many times they've read the Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips.  

I've also been buying books every time I step away from my story, even though I've hardly been reading at all. 
I have an addiction

I've been collecting books on Inigo Montoya (my kindle) for weeks. I look forward to reading each and everyone of them. I'm up to twenty new books now. I still have three I haven't finished from last month. I need to cancel my credit card on all my e-book sites to at least slow me down. 

I'm running through my manuscript one last time this week. Then I'm going to send her out into the world with my fingers and toes crossed.

While I'm busy trying to make my manuscript publisher worthy, I thought I'd share a fun little blurb I whipped up for my story, The Loved One:
With the delivery of one Dear John letter and a set of divorce papers, Delia Myers is on a her way to self discovery. First stop: Embracing she's a terrible judge of character. Especially when it comes to men.

Jake Forrester is beyond charming, and sexy enough to have every female in a hundred mile radius panting after him. Basically everything she is trying to avoid. Too bad he's been determined to chase after her from the second he's laid eyes on her over sized floral granny panties.

She may run, but can she hide from love?

Warning; Contains one no-good cheating ex-husband, a heroine with a propensity to make a run for it, and a hero who has a new found love for spanking a certain sassy woman who runs from him.  

Happy Reading and Happy Editing!!


  1. I too hate editing. Hate it. I'm sitting here reading blogs and playing with my toes as I avoid it. I keep looking at the number of pages to go and it's 46 left now...46 long pages. I think I'll go back to playing with my toes...

    Good luck with your manuscript. I loved it myself! :)

    1. Thanks! I've managed to stay off line and keep my nose to grind stone for the most part. I have a sign up for my son that says, "Please do your have to's before enjoying your want to's." I may move that sign into my office and put it over my desk!

  2. Ha ha, I love your blurb this sounds great. I can't wait to read it myself. I know all of the "I'm supposed to be editing stall tactics. I have been known to paint rooms and even rearrange furniture when I'm supposed to be editing. Good luck!
    I have to ask, have you used Ginger software? They have a free version. It's amazing!

    1. Thank you!! I just Googled Ginger, and I'm going to download! I knew there were software programs out there like that you could buy, but I didn't know about Ginger. That's awesome! I'm going to give a try!