Wednesday, July 2, 2014

On The Way Home

On The Way Home by Skye Warren

168 pgs

Warning: Contains graphic sex, girl-on-top sex, and some delightful pegging. 

Clint is an under cover special ops military guy on his way home for some leave time. Della is a flight attendant with a dark as fuck past. She's being blackmailed and has to make some nasty choices.

This book wasn't Skye Warren's usual NA Dark Erotica. (NA standing for New fucking Adult) The story itself is awesome although much different than anything I've read by Skye Warren before. Besides our girl Della having a very VERY dark past, this could be a strait erotica with a great plot    that in no way over shadows the love story.

Also it's a Fem on top book. I love books with vague BDSM and Skye Warren has that in most all her books. Here she stays true to form but deviates by switching up the roles by giving us a dark and twisted gal. She needs control in the bedroom, and Clint loves been handled rough by a strong woman. I appreciated the fact that even though Della likes control, it's not a crazy FemDom book.

The sex is outstanding. Clint and Della's chemistry spark quickly to flame. I've never read a Fem on top book that I got so totally into the sex scenes. Clint does lose control but through most of the book he really has fun and gets off on Della playing the aggressor.

There are some minor details that seemed to have been missed. At the beginning of the book it's implied that Clint is 23, but later it's implied that he is 21. Really, he seems a bit older than either of those ages, but you got to keep them young to qualify in the NA genre. Bureaucracy right? <rolling eyes, making gagging face> I got my copy from ARe and I believe there may have been a formatting issue. It's on sale, but entire chapters were italicized.

Outside of those small glitches, I still easily recommend the book. I meant to read for twenty minutes, then get other things done, but ended up reading the whole damn thing.

Happy Reading!

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