Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sex Appeal

My favorite gal pal Tracy St. John posted a while ago about what she finds sexy. I loved this. I think it's fun to see what others think is a turn on, authors and readers alike. Sexy and what is a turn on is so subjective, yet we have some commonality somewhere that is causing us to enjoy the same books.

Seeing Tracy's list made me think of mine, so of course I must share it with you.

Sex Toys:

Spanking belt. There is just something about getting spanked with a belt. I can't see a belt without getting turned on. 

Vibrating butt plug.

I love anything that vibrates but there is something magical about a vibrating butt plug. Xavier, from Cherise Sinclair's My Leige of Dark Haven, believes a vibe in the in the rear and a vibe on the clit is the perfect orgasm recipe and I couldn't agree more. 


Okay, this one is hard for me. The movies I think are sexy don't usually turn me on. If I were a guy looking to get laid I would not invest time watching a chick flick like Dirty Dancing or even uber sexy Sex and Lucia with me. I am a dude. I really don't have one particular movie that gets me going but strangely enough movies that are a big turn on for me are movies like;

Seriously, I know that's messed up. 


I find Spock insanely attractive.

Old or new, it doesn't matter.

Which leads me to my adoration for off beat characters. These are the guys that turn me on. Whether it be movies or books, I often enjoy the secondary characters even more than the leads, and adore it when they get their own stories. 


I'm not just talking about the obviously beautiful guy with a beard.

Although he is delicious.

No, I'm talking about,
The average looking bad-ass with a beard. Does it for me, every time.


Big time.


1969 Z28 Camaro

I have a serious thing for muscle cars, always have. The Z28 does it for me more than any car ever made. 



Yes, Star Trek again. 

I really have a thing for guys with a superiority complex. Plus he's ancient, savage and superior in every way. In. Every. Way.  Moth say hello to flame. Who wouldn't want to harness that kind of power between there nimbles at least once? 

Lucius Malfoy

Yeah, I'm pretty embarrassed to admit this one. He's arrogant, mean, bigoted and pretty hateful. His only redeeming quality is his love for his wife. Maybe this is the danger of being an adult when you read these books. Idk. When I saw him in the movie, I found him even sexier. 

I have issues, let's move along.


Face down. Ass up.

In bed is nice.

Pushed down on a cold hard surface is better. 


This changes pretty frequently for me. For a while it was Jason Statham, then Jason Momoa, then Chris Hemsworth, then Stuard Reardon, then Stuard Reardon again.

He's worth repeating. Also my Tranis. 
(my fellow FoKs know who I'm talking about)

Right now the guys I'm mentally drooling over are,

Dylan Freakin Mcdermott

He's 51 and I'm really questioning immortality or a super race because he is not aging. Not that I can tell. I need to see him naked and up close for a full thorough examination before forming my full hypothesis on the matter. Anyways, he's got that authoritative look, a strong jaw line and hands built for spanking. 

I want to be in trouble with him badly.  

Ryan Gosling and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Yeah, I'm surprised too. I'm not twenty-anything or a hipster, yet being in between these two making out would make my year. 

Action By Man:

Unexpected Kindness

When I see a guy doing an unexpected kindness he becomes the sexiest man alive. Stopping to help a random stranger struggling to carry or reach something. Going to get coffee for a homeless person. Sticking up for the underdog. Saying something nice just to make someone smile. Rushing to help out when help is needed but not expected to me is heart melting. 

Date With My Honey:

Naked Day

Yep, day time dates are my favorite. 

We do the night dates. We get a sitter, dress up and go out, but those nights rarely ever end in sex. They are fun, sometimes social and often romantic occasions that usually end really late. Honestly, we usually pass out when we get home or to our hotel. These are happy times but not very sexy. 

Day time dates are sexy in a way that I know my husband is going to rip my clothes off and do naughty things to me for as long as he wants the second we get home from dropping our son off at school. 

Afterwards we get to bask in the glow and be lazy. Sometimes we get lunch, sometimes we walk around town, sometime we go to the beach, and sometimes we just laze around and make love again a time or two before we have to pick up our son from school. 

Lazy Without Children
(that's why she's smiling)

On these days we always laugh, romp around, and just let ourselves exist in our own little bubble.These days are always relaxed and I never feel more...everything. Sexy, in love, cherished, sated. 

If you're married with children and you've never had a day date, I highly recommend it. It's like playing hooky from life for a few hours with your favorite person. (that's assuming your spouse is your favorite person)

So, what is your sexy list? What in life turns you on?  Have you ever asked your spouse this? 

I asked my husband and he said, "Hot naked women, especially you. I find turning you on sexy." 

I said, "No car, song, movie or a new set of golf clubs...Anything?" 


He wants a beer and he wants to see something naked. I can appreciate that. 

I would love to see more sexy lists!


  1. I laughed out loud at your husband's answer to what he finds sexy. My husband gave basically the same answer! :)

    1. lol They are simple creatures aren't they?

  2. There's so much I love about this post - face down ass up is right up there with stranger giving a homeless man coffee. Never had a day date - always night but will give it a try.

  3. How does one follow your blog by the way? I can't find any buttons on your site to follow. Is it right in front of me and I'm not seeing it?? Message and tell me if you have a sec, will you please? Thank you.

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed! The ugliest man can do an unexpected kindness and I'll want to have his babies on the spot. That is so hot.

      Just a word of warning with the day dates. My girlfriend says she's horrible at day date b/c she NEEDS to be productive during day light hours. An important part of that is letting go and relaxing!

      I'm not sure how to follow me. I just get notified when someone follows. :) I know you can add me to your blogs list on your blogger home page. I'll have to look into this. lol I didn't realize there wasn't a button until now!

    2. Ok, I just moved over to Blogger so am completely backwards. I will look for the follow button. Hold please...

    3. I had to scroll really fast to get back down here - kids are around. OK, I think I'm good. I added you to my blog roll thing so you will be on my reading list. Now I have to remember to look at that list… By the way, I'm reading Breeder now. OMG!!

    4. Breeder is so good. So, so good. Thank you for adding me!