Saturday, September 2, 2017

Update: Earth Girls & Aliens


Sorry I’ve fallen off the grid! I’ve been renovating a house and furiously typing away on my new book, which is with the editor right now. Needless to say, things have been busy at the Cara house.

New book you say?

Not only a new book, (Bambi’s Alien Abduction) but the first in a new series, Earth Girl’s Guide to Surviving an Alien Abduction (cover reveal to come). And yes, I hope you all find it as fun as the title suggests. It's a good, old fashioned alien abduction romance. Girl meets alien. Is horrified, yet aroused. Alien sweeps her off her feet and into captivity...

(Insert wistful sigh)

I will warn you all, outside of vibrating dicks, light tentacle play and spanking...and some egg laying aliens, this new book is pretty vanilla. Or at least my version of vanilla…

What does vanilla taste like again?

Anyways, there’s sprinkles on this vanilla.

The rainbow kind.

Many moon cycles before Monrok Warriors was even a thing, I had outlined a series about three besties, Bambi, Brooklyn, and Brianna, who had been abducted and sold on the alien black market.

Despite the heavy subject line, these books were meant to be wild and fun, but at the time I outlined them I was in an angsty place. Thus, Monrok Warriors and Monrok Masters were born, but the entire time I was writing and outlining those series, Bambi, Brook, and Bri’s stories were poking me, begging to be written.

I’m super excited Bambi’s Alien Abduction is getting polished up and ready for her debut. Keep a look out for the cover reveal and release date in coming weeks!

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