Monday, July 17, 2017

"Have you known pleasure before, pet?"

“Have you known pleasure before, pet?”
“Yes, Master.”
“By whose hand?”
“My own, and the other pets,” I answer honestly, hoping it will not earn his disfavor.
“No more playing with the other females. And you do not touch this pretty little cunt unless I tell you to.” I shiver at his decree. “Your pleasure is now mine, little one. Do you understand?”
His hips begin rocking while his fingers circling my nub pick up their tempo. I gasp, arching. I cry out when his hand slaps down on my clit, sizzling through me like lightning.
“Answer me when I ask you a question, Xanthia.”
“Yes, master,” I gasp. “Yes, I understand.”


I mean to steal the king’s concubines.
The Zapex ruler, King Thaain, has disappeared. He sent one last transmission from his pleasure cruiser before his Monrok guards were left looking at open space. After the rebellion, the crew of the guard ship gave up their search to seek solace on the Monrok new world of Kadeema.
We have reason to believe the king has female human pets onboard his vessel. A crew of six of my brethren and I are manning the abandoned guard ship. We will be traveling deep into Zapex territory. Capture or death is a possibility at every turn. We don’t know if the king’s ship has already been recovered by the Zapex. Nor do we know if this is a trap.
But, for the chance to own human pets...we will risk all.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains dark BDSM elements and a non-traditional spin on a traditional HEA. If such material is offensive to you, please do not purchase this book. If such material excites you, strap in. There’s a good chance you’re going to enjoy reading this story. 

Available on Amz & Kindle Unlimited! 

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