Friday, October 23, 2015

~Something About Sexy~ #MySexySaturday

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday, where romance and erotic authors post seven paragraphs, sentences, or words from their sexy stories.

This week I'm posting from Candi's Debt, an erotic romance with some bite. Hank and Candi's relationship starts off very quarrelsome, to say the least. Neither likes the other, but the sexual pull they feel for one another is undeniable.

When Hank tells Candi her services at work are no longer needed, she puts her foot down.


“No, you don’t get to tell me I’m not doing my job anymore.”
    “Look, princess,” I say, noticing how she grits her teeth in response. “I’m sure you’re good at helping out in the office.” Even I can hear the lie in my words. “But it’s just not necessary now that I’m here.”
Oh, yeah. She doesn’t like that. My little princess growls low in her throat, and practically bares her teeth at me. “Don’t you dare condescend to me, like you know me. You can assume all you want about me, but I am more than ‘good’ at helping in the office. I’ll prove it. Move.”
I’m fighting an eye roll and I’m about to say ‘yeah, right,’ when she rounds the corner of the desk. My space is automatically filled with her disturbingly pleasant scent. Her hands pull at my rolling chair.
“What are you doing?”
“I’m showing you why John has me go over the numbers.”
Now that my chair is scooted back she leans over the keyboard and mouse. My mouth goes dry at the sight of her worn-out jeans stretched over her delectable ass right there in front of me. My palms itch to reach out and grab a handful of booty I recall in naked detail, all too well.








The men in my family are gamblers, cheats, and thieves. They aren’t loyal to anyone but themselves. It’s the Dawson way. My oldest brother was killed for sticking to that tradition.
I refuse to let that happen to my little brother. He’s all I have in this world and I’ll do anything to save him.
His debts are now mine, and I always pay my debts.
Now if a certain ape leader would get out of my way, things would go much more smoothly.
I swore never to return to Texas. But here I am, wading neck deep into shit creek. I’m not even getting paid for this crap.
And Candi? She has more secrets than sense and represents everything I try to avoid. I’m not sure how I got tangled up with her in the first place. I have no business getting involved with a woman like her. She needs to be saved from herself.
I don’t have a white knight complex, and this girl needs a savior. I can’t be that guy.

*Author's Note: Candi's Debt is an erotic romance novel that includes explicit sex, spanking, BDSM elements, anal play, and anal sex. If such material offends you, this book may not be for you.

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