Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Stepbrother Bangin' Has Gone Mainstream

I'm always fascinated by what trends in mainstream and erotica. Two years ago motorcycle erotic romance with gruff, alpha anti-heroes was booming and kind of gave way to dark erotic romance and fiction. 

Right now, the trend that is just blowing my mind--and giving me a giggle--is mainstream, new adult, 'taboo', step-brother erotic romance. Just in a little search I tripped over no less than forty-seven step-brother, new adult, romances that have come out in the past year.

And that was just from a little search.

It's like George R. R. Martin waved his magic wand and practically over night everyone was thinking about banging their brother. And since it's not the 1970's, every woman from eighteen to forty-five said, "You know who I really want to fantasy bang? My step-bro."

At first I was mystified by this. I mean, step-brother banging? Really?

Then I got to thinking about it. In my early twenties, my best friend's dad got remarried. She was devastated. Do you know who else was pissed by the parental union? Her brand new step-brother. A 6'4'' hunky nubile, navy man who was more than happy to drag her off during the reception to his hotel room for some naked, angsty, hot n' sweaty sheet time.

They christened their new sibling union all night long.

Sometime between waking up next to her new bro and the wedding brunch, my gal-pal's guilt set in, along with the realization her one-night-stand was most likely going to be at Thanksgiving. Every year. For the length of their parent's marriage. That's a book in itself.

Personally, I thought it was the hottest thing ever, and I was totally jealous I didn't have a hot step-bro to bang. Alas, my parents have been happily married for nearly forty years, and now I've been married for over ten years myself. You'd think the dream would be dead. Thanks to a whole truck load of romance writers the dream is back alive, and I've been on an odyssey of fictional step-brother banging. 

How could I not read these things? There is just so many of them selling like gang busters. I read through the reviews, picked a few and hunkered down to read.

Let us begin our journey through sibling shagging with Lucie's Two Step-Brothers by Jenika Snow. This title is actually the founding father of step-brother banging. It was first released years ago, is blessedly in third person, and is kindle melting hot. Jenika Snow writes the type of sex that will have you wondering if you've stocked up enough batteries for your vibrator. Seriously. AMAZON

The next book was Step Brother Untouchable by Colleen Maters. This was a sweet sexy, NA read that put me in mind of books like, The Hazards of Skinny Dipping. Ms. Masters has a slew of step-brother books, but sadly the sibling banging taboo is not played up one iota. With that being said, they are still enjoyable. AMAZON

Step Alien by Sue Mercury, the one and only sci-fi step book. How could I not read it?! It's a short read but had everything I love from a sci-fi rom, from great world building to a sexy hot alien that needs to mate soon. Sue Mercury's writing style actually put me in mind of C. L. Scholey and is a can't miss author for sci-fi romance fans. And those sci-fi fans who'd like to throat punch 1st person POV, no need to worry. It's written in third. I'm looking forward to more from this author. AMAZON

But not all step-brother books have Step-Brother titles. Some are ambiguously named and I'm lucky to have found them..

My Taboo Body Guard by Sasha Marcos is short, pretty hot, and has a lot of spanking threats, along with one sexy spanking that I appreciated. It was brief but well written, and as a fan of spanking, I'm always grateful of a good spanking scene. One of my pet peeves is when romance or erotic authors threaten to spank at multiple points through a story, but no spanking happens. That kind of teasing is just cruel and pointless. AMAZON

His Mad Passion, The Death Lords Club by Ella Goode. This one combined the angsty, hard edge biker club books with step-brother banging. Fans of anti-hero motorcycle books, with tough as nails heroines, and gruesome storylines will enjoy this series. AMAZON

Their Stepsister by Alexa Riley. If I were to recommend only one step book, it would be this one. Another author recommended this book to me and I just want to hug them. This book celebrates the bejesus out of the sibling banging taboo and has lines like;

All right, let's get your ass in bed so we can talk about how this is going to go down. After that you're going to take care of my cock like a good little girl, then big brother will take care of you again.

I'm not going to lie. I came a little when I read that line. Then again when I wrote it up for this post. This book is HOT.
Not only is the dirty talk in this menage book killer, it features some prime pussy slapping. Anyone who's read my book Taming Kat knows I heart my heroines getting pussy slapped to orgasm. Who doesn't? That's the epitome of a good time. AMAZON

While I was reading these books I realized a few things:

1. I really enjoy a good new adult romance now and again. There, I've said it.

2. All it takes is a borderline taboo subject and some vigorous vaginal intercourse to determine a romance 'erotic'. Seriously, the majority of these are romances!!!

3. Is there a rule all NA romances have to be in 1st person POV?

4. Everyone has banged their step-brother, or wished they had a step-brother hot enough to bang. That is what I'm getting from this.

5. Okay, I'm really getting burnt out on 1st person POV. How is it people aren't getting sick and tired of reading all these stories in 1st person? I never want to read another 1st person again. I've got 1st person hang over!! 

I had planned on reading even more step books--I read a ton of them, these being the only ones I'm recommending--but I hit my threshold for reading 1st person POV, not to mention New Adult. I just couldn't keep going, but here are the titles sitting on my kindle (Prince Humperdinck) that I felt stood out in the crowd.

 Stepbrother Master by Ava Jackson is a mild, romantic BDSM. AMAZON 

Stepbrother Bad Boy by Veronica Dave, I got into the sample. Once I can stomach 1st person and New Adult again, this will be one of the first I read. AMAZON
Stepbrother Alpha's Baby by Lauren Landish has an outlandish title and is actually ranked #164 in Kindle Store at the time of me writing this, but it's also free. AMAZON

Tool: A Stepbrother Romance by Sabrina Paige at 358 pages is the longest step book. It's also ranked #12 paid in kindle store. Mother f$%*ing #12.

For those of you without a clue what Amazon Kindle rankings means...well, when you're ranked about 5k you're selling 60-70 copies a day. Ranked 10k in store, you're usually selling around 40 copies a day. Some times your ranking doesn't match your sales, but most often it's pretty standard unless you get ranked in a sub-category.

I'm not even going to try to pretend I'm good at math, but we all know it's doing well. Very well. I'm going to be reading this one at some point too, because well..holy sh*%, it's #12. AMAZON

Have a love, or a hate for step books? Feel free to share your recs!


  1. Wow!! I absolutely loved this post!! Thank you so much for being candid--I loved it. I have a 4 on my Kindle--hopefully I can make it through them hehe

    1. LOL, Four is child's play!! They're actually pretty addicting if you get into them. I'm also never again going to be able to believe people all across the world aren't, or haven't ever had torrid love affairs with their step-siblings.

  2. "It's like George R. R. Martin waved his magic wand and practically over night everyone was thinking about banging their brother."