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Free To Buy The Entire Series

There is an epidemic of free and 99 cent e-books. They are out there to tantalize and tease you. Some aren't really good. Some I've found are the worse sellers of an author and for some reason they get priced for free hoping someone will like them, and leave a review.

Then there are the good ones. The outstanding books that are free or 99 cents. These are almost always the first book in a series. A series that has three or more of the books in said series, already out.

Ready to be purchased by your greedy self.

I haven't been to sleep before 1:00 am in days because I've been reading through my bargain books, and buying the entire series that follow.

The first series I will share with you I really shouldn't like. Or at least I didn't think I would.

One the surface, this series has the spoiled rich kids with all the misplaced arrogance and pomp of an episode of Revenge, angst fest, I try to avoid. I don't like angst fest novels and rarely ever care for New Adult novels. I was reading the synopsis thinking just that. Something made me read the excerpt and it made me hot. I figured 'hey, it's free', and downloaded it anyways.

Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down.

Love Inc Novels By Ella James


Selling Scarlett by Ella James 

426 pages

Hunter West is a super wealthy playboy, who is getting blackmailed. And of course he thinks he can handle things better than the cops or FBI.

Elizabeth is the used-to-be rich girl, down on her luck. She's a stand up gal. She's getting her PhD, she's still a virgin at 23, she's a great friend, and she's got a lady boner for Hunter West that causes her to make some questionable choices. 

One thing leads another and she's selling her virginity in an auction at a whore house in Nevada. We've all been there, right? 

One of the things I really loved about this series, was the feeling that this was a contemporary adaptation of a historical romance novel. If you tweaked things marking the period like the clothes, changed out motorbikes for horses, cell phones for messengers, etc. This could be a historical romance. 

 Another thing I liked is this books -for lack of better word- grit. Hunter West really is a man-whore. That doesn't change just because he's met Elizabeth. He's had enough drugs, alcohol, and prostitutes he's getting bored with them. Yet he's kind of a glutton for punishment. He has issues. 

Meanwhile Elizabeth has her own issues and for much of the book their stories run parallel, joining in places like static zings. I was impressed by the lack of uber angst. I didn't eye roll once until about 300 pages in and even then it wasn't a deal breaker. I had a few moments of being annoyed with the characters. Things got a bit more on the angsty side. 

With that being said, I would still re-read this book and be happily entertained. 

I loved all the characters. Especially the side characters. I wouldn't want a guy like Hunter, he's more intriguing then likable.  I'm definitely not an Elizabeth, but they're both still really enjoyable to read about. 

On a side note; There's some rough shit in this book but the sex between the actually hero and heroine is pretty tame. Are they still a hero and heroine in a NA novel? Protagonists, maybe? Whatever. The lead characters. 

Warning: Mature content. Sex, violence, mature language, and drug use. 


Taming Cross by Ella James

263 pages

This is the story of Elizabeth's best friend Cross. I hate this cover. It isn't how I picture Cross at all. In my mind he's way more Stuart Reardon. I love the new cover but was too lazy to switch them out. You'll see it when you check out the book on Amz.

 Anyways, I'm not going to get into the book, I'll just say I adored this story. Absolutely loved it. Lots of action. Lots of violence. Lots of feelings. All the angst in this book is completely justified. I wanted to wrap myself around Cross and never let go.

The book is advertised as being able to be a stand alone. I guess it could be, but I enjoyed going into this book already totally in love with Cross. His story doesn't disappoint.


Unmaking Marchant by Ella James

219 pages

Again I'm not going to go into this book too much. I will say Marchant is gloriously fucked up. The sex is the most plentiful and dirty enough to be believably Marchant. I adored the match up for this story. It would have been my favorite had it not been cut short. 

The book ends abruptly because the continuation of all three of the stories will be in a novella called Something Blue. Or as I call it, Some Bullshit. Yes the couple get's a happy ending, but the ink isn't even dry on their 'I love you' epiphany before the end credits start rolling. I would have preferred the epilogue of this story immediately. Why isn't this book just a novella length longer? 

Why must we wait and buy another book? 

There is also no release date for this Something Blue but it already has a 2.75 rating on good old GoodReads. So obviously I'm not the only one completely annoyed by this. (I'll rant about being able to rate and review books that aren't even out yet another time. F&^%ing GR)

I just read a blog post stating Ella James has a projected release date of April or May. It's June now, so... 

I think we may be in for a wait. Be emotionally prepared for that, but don't let that stop you from trying Selling Scarlett. Hell, it's really good and it's free. If you're anything like me, you'll love these books. 

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P.S. This post contains all the old covers. So, when you see the books with different covers, do not worry. They are the same books, but with better covers. 

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