Friday, August 12, 2016

#MySexySaturday #SexySnippets #EroticRomance

Welcome to MySexySaturday! This week's theme is Here Comes Sexy, so without further ado here is my sexy scene from Taming Kat.

Leaning over the side of the bed, he grabbed something and pulled up onto the bed. She felt her cheeks heat.“Is that my box?!”
He just chuckled in answer. The sneaky bastard, she didn't even want to know what else he had found snooping around her room. Suddenly his hand was between her legs pulling the moisture back to her bottom hole before she had the chance to enjoy the feel of his fingers on her slit. She heard the top pop on her bottle of lube and almost looked back. She felt something at her rosette before it pushed in. It was her little pink plug she had used many times before on herself, but she still whimpered as he pushed it in.
“This a wimpy plug, kitten. We're going to have to get you something bigger than that to get you ready for me.” Kat eye's went wide at his words. She remembered his size. There was no way he'd fit. Caleb gave her a sly grin in the mirror before saying, “I'll fit,” as if he read her thoughts. She involuntarily shivered imagining being taken there by this overwhelming man.
Leaning down he kissed and bit all over her ass until she was squirming. Then he sat back on his heels and swatted her ass hard. His hand rained down in stinging slaps all over her ass until she was gripping the bed frame tight, moaning as she thrust her bottom out for more. She bit her lip to keep from begging. Man, he spanked so good. She could feel her arousal drizzle out onto the inside of her thigh and she didn't care.

Abruptly he pulled her back against his front, one arm banded under her breasts. The other came down and slapped her pussy as she cried out. Her head fell back on his chest her eyes closed. He slapped it two more times and she widened her knees even more. Tilting her hips up to meet his slaps, his hand came down in quick swats, making her dizzy. She was so wet she could hear it making sloppy sounds each time his hand came down. She didn't care.
 Every muscle tensed and ready, making her aware of the little plug in her bottom. Just a few more slaps and she came in waves, arching her back and crying out. His smacks slowed and stopped until his fingers began a gentle back and forth slide over her sensitive slit, as if in apology for the abuse, as she came down. She opened her eyes and met his gaze in the mirror. His eyes were so damn hungry, nearly black in arousal.
“Look at you, kitten,” he said, practically growling. She did. She was flushed all over, her body alive. She could see her own moisture smeared on her sex and thighs. She never felt more like a sexual being meant for pleasure than in this moment.

Hope you enjoyed! 
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