Wednesday, July 1, 2015

One Step Forward for Marriage Equality and One Step Back for Erotic Romance

This past week the Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal in all fifty states. Many buckled under all the showing of love and good tidings. Their hate was reaching a boiling point and they needed an outlet and someone to crucify. Lucky for them they got their chance.

Unless you've been under a rock, you've probably seen the horrendous results of E. L. James taking questions on twitter. #AskELJames

It quickly turned into a bash-a-thon designed to make the woman feel like the biggest moron to ever walk the planet.

Since she has a book and movie franchise making her millions of dollars the likely hood of her actually feeling that way is not very good. It's more likely she's like this;

If she is sitting and crying from all the silly hate judgments being thrown her way, I'm assuming she's doing it in the lap of luxury. Maybe even drowning her sorrows with terrifically expensive champagne and imported chocolates. 

That would certainly be my comfort food of choice in her position.

What surprised me about the attack on Ms. James was the authors who threw themselves into the hatefest going on. I just don't understand that.

Here's the thing about bashing another erotic author, even one who is making millions; it's bad form, bad karma, and just leaves a bad aftertaste. When it comes to erotic romance any given book could easily fall under attack, be torn apart, and called poorly written trash. And it would probably wound the author a little deeper if they're not sitting on millions of dollars, with thousands of fans supporting them.

Which most are not. 

I didn't read FSOG, but I have no issue with them. I don't take their success as a personal affront against me, or the erotic romance genre. I for one celebrate the readers who loved them. I hope they've learned to embrace new found sides of their sexuality because of them. The FSOG trilogy are books made up of one middle aged woman's fantasies. When millions of other women read them they shouted, "OMG, yes, that turns me on too!"

For that reason alone they should be celebrated. That's fantastic. 

I've read the excerpts they're bashing online that are so called proof to Ms. James poor writing. I didn't see anything I couldn't probably find in a hundred different romance novels I have on my kindle. Many of which I greatly enjoyed reading. 

These attacks are basically ripping apart the entire genre of erotic romance. They're saying everyone who has read and enjoyed those books are disgusting, what they find arousing is disgusting, and they have no taste. 

That I do take as a personal affront.

I love all kinds of romance novels. I love heroes and anti-heroes I would never date in real life. The kind of guys who probably don't exist, always have a hard-on, and some who I would definitely have a restraining order against.

I love getting swept away in stories, especially when they're unrealistic.

Side Note: Men who don't understand that, may I reference porns that feature women taking ass-to-mouth with a huge grin on their face, whilst blinking spunk out of their eye?

I love reading stories written by authors who work out all of their fantasies and most secret desires between the first and last chapters of their books. 

Love, love, love them.

I support erotic romance, and the authors who write them. 

If you have a problem with that, well...

But that's just my opinion. 


  1. We are so on the same page. As always!

  2. Totally agree with your post, Aubrey! Thanks for posting this. I hate being put into the position of defending FSOG, but I always do. I know it brought new readers to the genre and for that I'm very grateful. I'm also grateful for the awesome options we have now for our reading pleasure.