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I never really embraced just how many different kinds of kinky sex turned me on until I read about them in a book. Is it any wonder? I was weaned on romance form the cradle. Growing up, I read all of my mom's  Catherine Coulter, Amanda Quick, Jude Deveraux, Julie Garwood, ect...Then I started stealing grandma's Connie Masons. Wowzas. That woman can write some pantie scorching love scenes.

As an adult I started reading historical erotic romances by authors like Robin Schone and Emma Holly, then I started wanting more from romance.

The first menage book I ever bought, Christina's Tapestry by NJ Walters, was back in 05' during the covered wagon pioneer days of e-books. Elloras Cave, the foremother of selling erotica in e-book format, was coining the phrase Romantica, making it more acceptable for romance readers to segue into reading salacious books. There were no kindles or nooks then, so all e-books were downloaded onto the computer.

I want to take a moment to give appreciation to Elloras Cave founder Tina Engler. Not only did Elloras Cave trademark the phrase Romantica but they were the founders of the rating system and warnings at the beginning of erotic fiction. That's right. It had never really been done before. For that, Thank You, Tina Engler!

Chritina's Tapestry, my first real menage book, was an eye opening experience. I had read some f/f/m and I had read an anal sex scene before in Robin Schone's Gabriels Woman, but never a double penetration.

Hellooo Menage!

Christina's Tapestry is a m/f/m menage with no interaction between the men, the men in question being brothers.

Christina Beaumont, our chubby blond down on her luck heroine, is transported through a tapestry to a medieval realm where women are rare and fought over. In this realm, one brother marries a wife and claims all her children, but that one wife is shared per three brothers, all getting one week with her alone or shared. Some marriages are open and they are all together all the time. In some cases like Christina, Jarek and Marc, the wife falls in love with one man and only shares herself if her main husband is with her.

My heart broke for Marc like everyone else that read that book. I'm not sure if it was by design or destiny that the author made Christina only fall in love with Jarek, because Marc does get his own book (Threads of Destiny book 4) later in the series.

Book three, Woven Dreams is actually my favorite book in this series. In book two you meet and fall in love with delectable twin brothers Jarmon and Garrik. They marry Genny, the first tapestry bride not sent by the magic of the tapestry. Their wife loves them both equally, a point she makes abundantly clear after seeing despondent Marc at a gathering. By then you can't wait to see Marc's HEA in book 4. Over all a great steamy fantasy series and it kicked off years of my menage reading.

The next menage books I read were Lora Leigh's Bound Hearts books. Here Lora Leigh has set up a sharing club for wealthy and powerful men who like to share their women in a m/f/m style. Lora Leigh really hits home my love of domination and submission in all her stories. Since the woman’s empowerment became really big in the 90's D/s still wasn't getting a lot of play in romance or erotica. That really only started trending towards the end of our first decade in the twenty first century.

Then in 07' I hit the mother load with Theolyn Boese's, erotic sci-fi/fantasy, Daughters of Terra (Book One of the Ta'e'sha Chronicles). Published under Loose Id it came with a wicked disclaimer but no warning that it was a m/m/f menage. I had read f/f interaction in erotica plenty of times, but never m/m. I was in heaven.

I've always thought of hot alpha bisexual men, that adore the pussy as much as the cock, as unicorns. If they do exist they probably shit rainbows. That didn't stop me from fantasizing about being at one end or another of a man love train. I've always been titillated by the idea of two men. Popping in some gay porn would not be unusual for me. The more cock the better.

I was well into my twenties before I met other women who were just as turned on by m/m action as I was. Finding authors that wrote m/m/f was akin to hearing angels sing. I've gone onto read countless other variations of menage books from many different authors but my first m/m/f has always been near to my heart.

Daughers of Terra (book one The Ta'e'sha Chronicles) by Theolyn Boese

Thea is an ordinary woman, waiting tables, reading naughty books and making clothes to sell at Renaissance Fairs. Then she awakens to find her self the married genetically altered mate to two sexy strange men that can turn into what she can only assume are mermen.

Kyrin and Daeshen are Ta'e'shain mates that have been studying Earth and collecting women suitable to come live in their culture and ...have their babies. Kyrin and Daeshen hadn't really been planning on taking a Earther mate until they encounter Thea. She's everything they could ever dream of and so they steal her for their own.

Thea is the perfect mate for them. Although justifiably upset, Thea quickly decides to make the best of the situation. Besides, being married to two gorgeous shape shifting men who make all her sexual fantasies come true, isn't exactly a bad time.

Just when Thea truly accepts her place in the men's life and the Ta'e'shain culture a threat that has been stalking the human women on board the ship comes after her.

This book blends sci-fi heavily with paranormal fantasy, making this read a nice blend of mythology, religion and futuristic science.The characters have a fun and open dialogue, the sex scenes are hot and you run a full spectrum of emotions while reading this story.

Anyone who has read my Shifty Shifters post know I have a fear of animal shifters. For some strange reason the thought of making love with alien half fish men, that have muscles in their hair, and subsequently having their half fish babies only seems natural to me.  I guess I just have a thing for mermen. ; )

This book is 224 pages

Warning: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and some situations readers may find objectionable including, dubious consent, anal play/intercourse, bondage, piercing, m/m/f menage, m/m sexual practices and sex with alien cock.

If you like this book you will enjoy the next book in the series Shards of the Mind (Book two of the Ta'e'sha Chronicles). I'm not a paranormal fantasy girl and this one runs heavier with the mythological religion tones with lots of Gods and Goddesses, which at times was a bit much for me, but I may have liked this one even better than the first.

While Theolyn Boese does do a spin off series, The Ta'e'sha Caesurae, I do hope she will write books for a few of the other secondary characters you fall in love with in book one and two.

According to Theolyn Boese's page she has returned to writing after what had been a long hiatus. I wish her luck and lots of writing. Kyrin, Daeshen and Thea will always be some of my favorite characters. 

For that and my first m/m/f read I give a big Thank You to Theolyn Boese!!

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