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Saved By His Submissive

I have two lusty ones. They are just the right mix of BDSM, smoking build up, and heart pounding delivery mixed into contemporary romances.

I'm glad I found Angel Payne. She went places with her heroes most romance writers do not. All the ugly things that make these guys dark and fucked up is not glossed over with rose tinted glasses. She let's the hero's anti-hero stretch their legs before putting their leashes back on. These are 'bang me harder' contemporary BDSM romances. (with some butt sex) <--does that make it erotica?



Saved By His Submissive (book1) by Angel Payne

Special Forces Garrett Hawkins has been a living shell of a man for one year, two months, and sixteen days. That's how long his fiance Sage Weston has been dead. When a mission to rescue human slaves takes him deep in the jungle of Thailand, he finds Sage alive if not totally well. The all consuming joy is short lived when he realized the darkness that has consumed his soul for the past year is still very much with him. 

I'm not sure what I was expecting when I picked this one up, but I got wet panties and a book I panted through. Panted. It's super hot and heavy, but there isn't full penetration for a while, so you really are left in a constant state of build up for a good portion of this read.

The book starts out steamy with a side of heartache. Both Garrett and Sage have been through so much. He's been embracing his darkness to go on living without her, and she's been using him as her light at the end of the tunnel. When they finally get together, they aren't the people they were before.

Angel Payne doesn't pull punches with how fucked up her hero is. Garrett is intense and messed up. He does some not-so-heroic shit. Strangely, as much of a gut punch as it was, I didn't mind it. This was, I believe, a major relationship conflict. It happens early in the story and I did wish Sage gave him more hell for it. I still wanted her to end up with him. I just wanted her to emotionally rip is dick off and make him work a little harder to be in her good graces once again.

Warning: Book contains light BDSM themes and anal sex. 


Handcuffed by Her Hero (book2) by Angel Payne

Zeke Hayes, aka Master Z, has been on his own since he was eight. He joined the forces at barely eighteen and collared his first sub by the time he was twenty. Living on the streets made Zeke into the man and the dominant he is. Being a one-woman man is not an option for Zeke. A fact that has never been an issue up for debate until he carries Rayna Chestain out of a Thailand jungle. Now months later, Zeke is discovering the 'friend zone' is more dangerous than any mission he's ever been on. 
Warning: if you read and like Saved By His Submissive (book 1) even a little, you will find yourself wanting to read this book. The characters of the first two books are very much tied together. 

Again, Angel Payne doesn't pull any punches, but unlike the first book it's much easier to swallow. I love Zeke and Rayna. Of course I've been wanting to read their story since the beginning of Saved By His Submissive, so I was already emotionally invested in the characters. The sex scenes are pulse pounding and I'm happy to report we get double the BDSM and double the penetration. (settle down, no actual dp is had) 

Rayna is messed up from her time in captivity, but Zeke is fighting demons of his own. From the very beginning they just fit each other. They both try to keep each other at a emotional distance again and again, only to crash back into their blistering need for each other, body and soul. 

Their big relationship conflict comes much later in the book and again, I wished Rayna put Zeke through more hell. Their back and forth in the beginning of the book is understandable, but after all they share by the second half of the book, I would have liked to see a much more pissed off Rayna. I was pissed off for her. Maybe I'm just blood thirsty. She does put him in his place, which is satisfying but she's still very amiable towards him two seconds later. I was still slightly miffed. 

Although I appreciated many of the different plot twists in this book, I felt the carried over kidnapping plot, from book 1, was getting stale. 

With all that being said, I still loved the book enough to give it a 4.5 rating. 

Warning: This book contains stronger BDSM themes, but no anal sex. 

Thank You Angel Payne
(and whoever did the covers to these books, bless you)

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